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Getting mentored and referred into your next job can make you over 15x more likely to get the job! 

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1. Find a relatable mentor

Find a mentor you relate with, review their tips, and request mentoring 


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Learn from your mentor on Mentorli’s chat function and over the phone

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If there’s a fit, your mentor will send a referral link for a job at their company 

About Us

Leveling the playing field for underrepresented talent

There are opportunities everywhere in best US job market since 1969. Unfortunately, access to those opportunities isn’t equal.  We’re on a mission to change that by gathering the folks that beat the odds to share their hard-won advice, offer encouragement, and mentor under-represented candidates into their organizations. 

As an art major, I couldn’t have landed my dream job at LinkedIn without mentors to guide me through the interview process and recommend me to the hiring managers. Mentorli has made all the difference!

Ella Madsen

Business Leadership Program Associate @ LinkedIn

Diverse mentors 

Find a mentor you relate with

Elvi Rwankuba

Elvi Rwankuba

Associate, Cicero Group

I landed a job in the US as an international student with the help of great mentors. I’d love to help! 

Emily Lewis

Emily Lewis

Head of Growth, Encorta

I want to help women re-enter the workforce for an exciting career in sales or marketing

Janina Torres

Janina Torres

Associate Interactive Producer, Apple

I love mentoring students because the mentors that I have in my life were so pivotal to my professional success

Partnership spotlight

Closing the opportunity gap with AAUW

In spite of the attention diversity gets in the media, women are still at a disadvantage in the workplace. Underrepresentation in STEM and hiring biases make it tough for female candidates to break into senior roles. AAUW has been empowering women since 1881. Together, AAUW and Mentorli are tackling the opportunity gap by giving association members access to successful allies that are ready to mentor and refer them into world class companies. 

Our mentors represent the best of the best

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