Attract diverse candidates through your strongest advocates.

Your most influential advocates for diversity are your employees. Work hand in hand to attract underrepresented talent and create a diverse and inclusive environment for all. 


Focuses employee referrals on the talent you want

Rallies affinity groups and ERGs to action for diversity

Improves retention by giving candidates a community

Reduction in Cost Per Hire

More Likely to Convert to Hire

Underrepresented Candidates

How it works

Invite employees to be diversity ambassadors

We’ll send messaging you can forward to your affinity and employee resource groups (ERGs) with a custom link for employees to sign up. 

Employees mentor and refer underrepresented candidates

Candidates from our diversity association partners will request mentoring. Employees can mentor and refer good candidates as their schedule permits.

Only pay when you hire a diverse candidate

You’re only charged a placement fee when your new hire verifies they’ve been hired with their new employee email address.  

Candidates come exclusively from our diversity association partners

"Simple and easy to use... concept is very sound. Great access to a great community. Also, at the price it's a no brainer."

– Tanner Lacey, Co-founder at Spiff

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Let’s work together to build your network of diverse employees from within!