A warm pipeline of diverse talent

Your pipeline of candidates, a snapshot of their diversity, and the power to attract the talent you need.

The candidate journey

Diversity associations send members to Mentorli

Candidates view information sessions

Learn more from your employees

Apply, get referred, and get hired!

Manage your pipeline

Everyone being mentored, requesting mentoring, or applying for a job in one place

Get diversity insights

For the first time ever, you can see the diversity of your talent pool

Attract diverse talent

Post jobs, encourage employee mentors, and source warm talent 

  Find incredible talent for your company.

What people say

“Mentorli has helped me find a more diverse, more qualified pool of talent, and does it faster than my team or recruiters, and at a much lower cost.”

Derrin H, small business CEO

"Great access to a great community. Also, at the price it's a no brainer. Mentorli is helping us create a more diverse talent pool and to recruit and maintain top talent."

Tanner L, Director of Operations

“Mentorli takes a people-first approach, and has the employees of the company connect and mentor those that are looking to build their network and land a job at a their dream company.”

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