Job ops for your members, cash for your org. 

Get paid to give your members access to life-changing mentoring and opportunities. 

Wait what?

Yes – we pay you for every member that get’s a job through Mentorli! More importantly, we provide exclusive access to mentors that will improve your member’s trajectory.

$250 per member hired

Every time one of your members report getting hired, we donate $250 to your organization to further your mission

Exclusive access to mentors

Your members are guaranteed exclusive access to a community of 100+ mentors from the worlds best companies

Pipeline of opportunities

Members hired are encouraged to give back and mentor other members of your org into their new company

Partnership spotlight

Closing the opportunity gap with AAUW

In spite of the attention diversity gets in the media, women are still at a disadvantage in the workplace. Underrepresentation in STEM and hiring biases make it tough for female candidates to break into senior roles. AAUW has been empowering women since 1881. Together, AAUW and Mentorli are tackling the opportunity gap by giving association members access to successful allies that are ready to mentor and refer them into world class companies. 


Why mentoring?

More likely to land a job

Candidates mentored and referred are up to 15x more likely to land the job

Builds a community of givers

Candidates mentored will become mentors that pull the next generation up 

Equal access to opportunity

Underrepresented candidates are given help past the interview 

Better career trajectory

New hires onboard faster and are more likely to succeed when they have a coach


Quicker time to hire

Shorten’s the time your members are either unemploayed or underemployed

More likely to stay

Retention increases dramatically when new hires connect to a community 

You’re in good company

Ready to partner?

Together, we can equal the playing field for the underrepresented folks we represent and love. Let us know if you have any questions!